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,,THE JOURNEY’’ method

The patient, guided by the therapist, makes a healing foray into their own being, using the energy of intense emotions experienced in their life events.


Personalised administration of remedies based on medicinal plants and bee products.


This polarized and hyperpolarized light therapy system is clinically tested and certified as an efficient medical device.

Cerebral hemisphere synchronisation

Balancing the brain’s hemispheres allows access to use a greater percentage of the brain’s potential, and through this we may be capable of greater achievements than we would normally think we are capable of. We can have great inner experiences, tangential to genius, we can receive answers that we have been waiting for all our lives and even certain information that could help us later on to fulfil our destiny.


Exposure to coloured light stimulates intracellular structures and sensitive molecules, helping mobilize the body’s huge healing potential.

DDS therapy (Direct Detoxification System)

Gentle massage to stimulate the energy meridians with biocurrents. Broad detoxifying effects, balancing, beneficial stimulation, reduction of joint and muscle pain (due to endorphin secretion), improved blood and lymphatic circulation, etc.


When is it time for a detox and how do we make it easy, enjoyable and sustainable?


In Ayurveda, diets are established according to the constitutional type of the patient, because man acquires the qualities of the food he eats.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

It is a very efficient tool for mental, emotional and physical improvement, and can also be used as a method of personal development.

External Basti

Ayurvedic process of applying heated oil in a small dough ring. Suitable herbs have been macerated in the cold pressed oil for 7 days.

Forgiveness therapy

By forgiving, all the subconscious accumulations and our soul is released, leaving us purified, internally clean, helping us to move forward in life with confidence and enthusiasm.

Healing Code

Therapy works by eliminating stress at its source. Destructive frequencies are cancelled, by resonating with harmonizing energies, contributing to our body cells, organs and systems health.

Lymphatic drainage

Gentle therapy that facilitates lymph flow, stimulating purification and regeneration processes in areas where lymph circulation is blocked.


Special manoeuvres to manipulate the skeleton, muscles, tissues. The therapist restores correct posture, joint mobility, pain relief, correct internal organ functioning.

Pulsating plasma

Technology that can generate frequencies that destroy pathogens, or frequencies that activate cell regeneration.

Purifying Herbs

We can achieve effective blood and lymph purification using certain traditional herbs, which are administered in liquid form, in macerates, as well as sublingually in powder form.

Recall healing

It diminishes, to the point of elimination, mental disorders and suffering by alchemizing negative emotions and resolving inner conflicts.

reflexoterapie reflexo therapy

Reflexogenic foot massage resulting in remote stimulation of all organs.

Regenerating plants

Body regeneration and revitalisation means restoring the energy potential of the body’s structures as a whole or its various components.


Ancient Ayurvedic purifying therapy for the head area. Balances the nervous system and rejuvenates, using warm oil in which appropriate herbs have been macerated.

Special relaxation exercise

The best remedy against nervousness and pressures, eliminating them leads to a state of inner peace and happiness.

Tachyonic cocoon

Device capturing certain quantum microparticles. Tachyons provide special energy for our body so that it would heal itself.


The Tesla induction effect restores acid-base balance, balances the electrical potential of the cell membrane and slightly accelerates metabolism.

Therapeutic recovery massage

Performed on tense areas to relieve existing symptoms, favouring the healing and functional recovery processes.

Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga harmonises mind, body and spirit. Yoga exercises, breathing, meditation and relaxation have a tremendous effect on many conditions.

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