BIOPTRON with chromotherapy filters


Dr. Cătălin Luca about chromotherapy at Ananda Clinic (subtitled in English, please use YouTube Subtitles/Closed Caption settings)::


Exposure to coloured light stimulates intracellular structures and sensitive molecules.

This initiates cellular chain reactions and triggers so-called secondary responses, bio-responses, which are not limited to the treated skin surface, but can involve the entire body.

The reparative and regenerative processes, as well as the immune system, are thus stimulated and modulated.

Chromotherapy works in a natural way by supporting the body’s regenerative capacity and therefore helps the body to mobilize its own healing potential.

The BIOPTRON with chromotherapy filters puts into practice two chromotherapy principles –  bio information concept for pressure points and chakra stimulation. We thus harmonize the chakras energy system and acupressure meridians through polarized light and coloured light action.

BIOPTRON light is polarized. The polarized light electromagnetic waves oscillate exclusively in parallel planes, and, in this way, this light becomes very penetrating. No ultraviolet rays are emitted and the heat level is insignificant. The BIOPTRON device can be used safely without side effects.

Colour Therapy and Light Therapy are intended to treat the disease cause rather than its symptoms and work to create balance by stimulating the physical and emotional state of our body.

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