When should we think about detox and what is it all about?

Dr. Carla Fabian about ayurvedic citrus cure for lymph detox (subtitled in English, please use YouTube Subtitles/Closed Caption settings):


Isn’t there a rejection reaction when we feel that some rules are imposed on us regarding how we feed ourselves?

Detox is included in our life when, due to specific causes, imbalances appear in our body, and then we no longer consider it a restriction, but a solution. A healthy discipline is no longer seen as an imposition but as a saving necessity.

A detox involves understanding the purification process to which we will submit our body, a certain discipline, rigour and perseverance in carrying out the diet as well as toxins elimination techniques, both on a physiological level and on a psycho-emotional level. The motivational factor is also very important in making a decision to follow such a diet.

The life rhythm puts pressure on us, we no longer know if the hunger we feel is physiological or mental, if we eat to feed our body or to satisfy certain emotional needs and spiritual needs. The abundance of food does not always mean a very good quality, and the synthetic elements they contain are not necessarily nutritious. We think we are feeding ourselves, but we are often tired, irritated, overwrought.

The colon is irritated, the liver is fatty, the lymph is loaded, etc. In such crisis situations, we have to consider a detoxification diet.
Within the Ananda Clinic Centre we offer several types of detox diets and support in their implementation. These include fruit and vegetable juice diet, nutrition suitable for the detox process, special toxin-eliminating techniques or deposits, thus among the result to exist and drive in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, respecting our body and its true need.

Most of the time, going into and coming back from a detox diet is more important to the body than the diet itself. For example, the gradual return to solid food after a prolonged black fast or after a diet with vegetable or citrus juices is a particularly important stage for the fruition and consolidation of the effects of the diet itself. Also, the association of these diets with therapies with a purifying effect (sweating in the sauna, relaxation massage, reflexology) greatly helps our body in the massive toxins elimination process and gives us the opportunity to have pleasant memories after the diet period, so that we want to repeat it.

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