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“Let your food be medicine, and your medicine be food”, the famous Hippocrates instructed us thousands of years ago, and in order to understand where the disease comes from, we must see what the guest eats, said the philosopher Lao Tze, which means that the human body is primarily influenced by food.

Dietotherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses foods that have both nutritional and therapeutic properties as remedies for various ailments. Here are some examples of diets:

Black fasting is the most effective way to detoxify the body and involves not consuming any food for a period of 24 hours to several days, but only water.

  • The raw food diet or the raw diet only involves the consumption of raw, uncooked food for a period of at least 30 days. During this time, raw vegetables will be consumed in the form of salads, juices, fruits, cold pressed oil, honey, pollen, oilseeds.
  • The semi-crudivore diet involves eating the same foods as in the raw food diet with the addition of small amounts of dairy and cooked foods.
  • The Gerson diet is a restrictive diet based on high juice consumption.
  • The alkaline diet consists of eating foods that have the ability to bring the body’s Ph to an optimal level and change the blood acidity. This type of diet divides foods into two categories, alkaline foods and acidic foods.
  • The macrobiotic diet is the diet in which the foods indicated to be consumed are those that have properties to restore the balance of yin and yang in the body.
  • There are also types of diets established according to the disease: diet for cardiac patients, for diabetics, etc.

In traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine, diets are established according to the constitutional type of the patient and are based on the fact that man acquires the qualities of the food he eats. According to Ayurveda, the five essential elements: ether, air, fire, water, earth combined in different proportions give rise to constitutional typologies called doshas in traditional Indian medicine. Every human being has a specific complexity with which he is born and which is responsible for all the physiological and psychological processes he goes through during his life. The three constitutional types are present in every human being, but often one of them predominates.

These constitutional types are:

      • Kapha dosha consisting of water and earth elements, warm and dry foods are recommended for this constitutional type.
      • Pitta dosha consisting of fire and water elements, dry and cold foods are recommended for this constitutional type.
      • Vatta dosha consisting of air and ether elements, oily, warm foods and as much liquid as possible are recommended for this constitutional type.

Dietotherapy starts from the idea that an ideal diet begins with a body detox process. This is within anyone’s reach and requires a little knowledge, will and desire to have flourishing health. The English writer Jonathan Swift said: “The best doctors in the world are the Diet doctor, the Quiet doctor and the Joy doctor.”

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