Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

It is a very efficient tool for mental, emotional and physical improvement, and can also be used as a method of personal development.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – emotional release technique or emotional acupressure; works by tapping on acupressure meridians with elements of cerebral hemispheres stimulation and with very specific affirmations, while we direct our attention to the physical feelings of discomfort, memories, emotions, various addictions, cravings, etc., that we want to free ourselves from.

The EFT technique is Gary Craig’s creation, professional engineer, Stanford University graduate, and passionate about personal development. He first learned NLP-neuro-linguistic programming, then TFT – Thought Field Therapy, with Dr. Roger Callahan and simplified this therapy, transforming it into what is today called the Emotional Release Technique – EFT.

Gary Craig left a legacy, a model and a challenge for other doctors and therapists, who, over time, applied and improved this method, combining it with many helpful self-healing techniques.


      • It does not involve surgical procedures
      • No drugs or chemicals are used
      • It does not push or pull against the human body
      • They are harmless procedures (beats, murmurs, eye rolls).

EFT is used for: 

      • Emotions management: fears and phobias, anger, stress and anxiety, depression
      • Allergies
      • Chronic fatigue syndrome
      • Insomnia
      • Headaches, migraines, pain of any kind, vision problems, psoriasis, tension, diabetes, asthma, sexual dysfunctions, urinary problems, etc.
      • Self-image (self-devaluation, complexes, lack of self-confidence)
      • Addictions and addictions (sweets, tastes, alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, drugs, etc.)
      • Weight control
      • Trauma, abuse (physical, emotional, mental)
      • ADHD
      • Financial blockages

Asked by countless people whether the technique can be applied to various problems, Gary Craig replied, “The technique is useful for any problem”, the technique application cannot harm us in any way, but only has a beneficial effect on us.

How does it work?

The fundamental concept of this therapy is: “The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy circuit.” (G. Craig) Indeed, the human body is profoundly electrical in nature, information is transmitted along the nerves by electrical signals given by the near depolarization of the neuronal membrane. The well-known EEG and EKG are based precisely on the recording of electrical activity in the brain and heart. The Chinese discovered 5000 years ago that our whole body is crisscrossed by energy channels (or meridians) and used acupuncture to restore the flow of energy through our body.
Along the energy meridians are points whose electrical resistance is 300 times lower than on the rest of the body surface (G. Craig). This makes touching these points transmit signals to the brain much faster.

Any thought, emotional state or verbalization at the time of stimulation strongly imprints the brain’s processing of the data: thus, when a person experiences a negative emotional state of anger, upset or fear, their brain goes into a state of alert. The ‘fight or flight’ reaction is a typical old or reptilian brain reaction, necessary for ancient man to protect himself from mortal danger. Nowadays, this mechanism is often triggered not by an external factor, but only by our perception (negative emotion, memory, trauma, limiting beliefs).

Harvard Medical University shows that stimulating acupuncture points on energy meridians reduces the activity of those parts of the brain associated with fear. In other words, EFT stops this “fight or flight” reaction.
Moreover, EFT removes the psychological reversal related to secondary gains (which cause us to maintain our bad habits and limiting beliefs) and stimulates the heads of the 14 major meridians while uttering a phrase to recall the problem being worked on.

This technique is effective whenever we feel stuck. It is a simple way of managing everyday stresses and is an effective alternative to the mental and emotional turmoil associated with the stressful, conflictual, demanding events we face.

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