Around 1920, Dr Royal Raymond Rife invented a microscope with which he could see living micro-organisms. In doing so, he discovered that they vibrate and can be destroyed using special frequencies. So he developed the technology whereby, using electric current, you could generate a frequency that destroyed only certain pathogens, or another frequency that activated cell regeneration.

Using a plasma system, which was first experimented with by several precursors but was perfected by Nicola Tesla in its essence, Dr Rife improved and developed vibration therapy.

The energy radiated by the plasma tube, via scalar waves, is natural and completely compatible with the bioenergy of the human body and other beings, positively influencing even DNA.

The equipment in our Therapy Centre is both professional and high-performance.


Plasma pulsatorie



Video presentation of pulsed plasma lamp therapy by Dr. Cătălin Luca:

Video #1


Video #2


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