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Relaxation is the process by which we bring a state of harmony, balance and relaxation into our beings, which will then lead us to states of self-confidence, well-being and joy. It helps us to regenerate ourselves physically, mentally and psychologically, thus making us happier, more content, more at peace with ourselves and with life as a whole.

Its beneficial effects on our general state lead to the eliminating of fatigue, stress and all tensions.

It is the best remedy against nervousness and pressures, the elimination of which leads to a state of peace and inner happiness. At the same time, relaxation helps us to develop creative thinking, full of constructive and beneficial ideas.

Relaxation is the main element in the process of energy and physical regeneration and recovery, which is why it is necessary to learn to consciously relax every day.

Through relaxation, the mind will be able to control the whole body, thus disconnecting all the muscles and the whole body structure, which will lead to a deep fusion with the vital energies of the universe in the whole creation.

From another perspective, relaxation is an exercise in the form of a slow but firm and convincing suggestion, full of patience. When a correct relaxation is achieved, any harsh act of will, of imposition, is excluded, because relaxation cannot be forced, it brings to the being a state of tranquillity, of deep calm and even beauty, because the whole being is relaxed, creating around it a field of tranquillity, of peace, which will make us very attractive to those around us.

Relaxation means abandoning our entire being in a process of non-action, letting ourselves be carried and caught up in the ineffable process of fusion, of osmosis of the external universe with the universe of our inner being. This creates a very pleasant sensation of rest, energization and relaxation.

It is advisable to try to relax as much as possible, taking advantage of every idle moment of the day. Instead of getting annoyed, stressed and agitated, the state of relaxation will help us to regenerate, revitalise and relax our whole being.

Relaxation opens us up to our own inner world, to the slow merging with the infinite sources of the universe’s energy and the undrained springs of the life source of creation. It allows us to deeply energize the cells of our nervous system, which are known not to regenerate, thus facilitating us to feel an overflow of energy and strength leading to a state of very high concentration over a long period of time when our body is contracted and charged with tensing and stressful energies.

By constantly and persistently performing the method of complete relaxation, we will experience in our beings a feeling of relief, a state of mental detachment, an euphoria which it is good to enjoy to the full, so that we can experience as often as possible happiness, well-being, harmony and all the other fulfilling and regenerative states which exist freely in the universe at all times, being at our discretion.

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