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Hi, I’m Freya and I’m from Denmark, and I’ve been at Ananda Clinic for two weeks. I am really excited about my stay here.
I came here, in fact I have been looking for a place like this for a long time, but I didn’t really know where to find it.
When I came I was looking for that healing process, and now it is happening. I was struggling with a lot of physical issues, and I was looking for the key to unlock the lock. I have seen the answers that have come to me, in this environment, I feel very motivated to continue this journey as it unfolds …

Hi, I am Katharina from Denmark.
This is my first time visiting Ananda Clinic and it was a great experience. I came here not for big physical treatments, but because I felt I needed to heal some things inside me, to change some patterns … to overcome some things.
The environment is very warm and intelligent at the same time, and we are helped to find the way to grow and I found it to be special and unique, and that it works on all levels.

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