Who are we?

Dr. Cătălin Luca talks about how it came up the idea of creating Ananda Clinic:

Our team provides, in a harmonious and regenerating setting, through various methods, which touch all our being dimensions, all the experience and knowledge accumulated over more than 20 years in their own personal transformation efforts. We support through what we are and what we do everything that means for all of us as harmony, integration, balance, health of both body and mind and especially of the soul, for a better life, a wise vision and access to a holistic knowledge.

Our common goal is to contribute all that is best, most beautiful and most uplifting in our beings, with the experiences and knowledge accumulated over many years of practice and personal transformation efforts, to be living examples and at the same time to help all those who, in one form or another, wish to live a better life, to have flourishing health, to find wise solutions to life situations, to access holistic knowledge regarding various fields of activity.

It has been known for thousands of years and the sages of all times have spoken about the fact that we cannot have a happy, prosperous and fulfilled life if we neglect even a single plane of our being. Therefore, in order to be able to understand what is happening in our lives, in our relationships, to understand why we get sick, why we attract and are repetitively attracted sometimes in certain life situations and by a certain kind of people, it is necessary, even we should primarily want to seek and find the answers to some fundamental questions such as: “Why exactly is this happening to me?”, “Why am I or do I feel different from others?”, “What is the reality behind all the events in my life and why have they brought me to this point?”.

Such questions can continue on deeper and deeper levels until, in the end, we reach the primary question: “Who are we in reality, what is our purpose here and now in this world and in this universe? What are we looking for and what do we actually want?”

It is also well known that any physical condition, any illness has its origin, with rare exceptions, not in the physical plane, but is born and develops first in the subtle layers of our being, where we experience intense emotions, fears, anguish, dissatisfaction and unfulfillment, where our mind is preoccupied with all kinds of disturbing thoughts, obsessive ideas, unhealthy beliefs, patterns stuck in erroneous value systems… and the list goes on. The body will only materialise all this, drawing our attention, telling us that the time has come to notice ourselves, to want to really know ourselves, to begin to transform and adjust where the problem really is in the first place. Only after we carefully and skillfully become aware of every detail of the situation in question, and take the necessary measures, naturally and by themselves, will the body, mind and soul regain health and the joy of living life. Only then we will really start to live and we can say that “We are ready to live life and not life lives us!”

We have another secret at Ananda Clinic that we want to share with you: the family principle.
Dr Cătălin Luca explains what this means in our Natural Therapies Center:


What are the differences between AnandaClinic and other therapy centres?
Dr Cătălin Luca tells us about it here:

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